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Frequently Asked Questions:

Q: Why is the Event limited to 20 parents and 20 sitters?
A: To allow each parent time to meet each sitter present and each sitter time to meet with each sitter and keep the event to a reasonable length.  Also, we need to have an equal number of parents and sitters for the event to run smoothly.

Q. What kind of sitters attend these Events?
A. We select sitters to attend who have child care experience in homes and/or child care centers/ schools and/or who have coursework in Education, Developmental Psychology or other related fields.

Q. Are these Sitters looking for regular work or a certain number of hours?
A. Our regular Sitter Events are designed to meet sitters for occasional babysitting jobs and/or regular jobs of 5 or more hours per week.  You may also meet a sitter here who is available nearly full time, but only temporarily (for ex., if she is home from college for the summer.)  We also have special Nanny Events to meet a permanent nanny for 25 or more hours per week.

Q: Is there a fee for sitters to attend?
A:No, it’s FREE for sitters to attend, but registration is required.

Q: What do parents get for their registration fee? Why does it cost $100 to attend an event?
A: The parent fee is $100 to meet up to 20 sitters. For a limited time, the first 10 parents per event get 50% off the regular registration fee.  Parent get the convenience of meeting several sitters in one evening in a neutral space and in an organized format.  Parent receive the Sitter Directory with a profile for each sitter present, as well as four minutes to meet with each sitter.  We charge the fee to cover website, advertising, printing and supply fees.

Q. Are Moms and Dads welcome?
A. Of course!  One registration fee per family.

Q: Can I share my Sitter Directory with my good friend or neighbor?
A: Not unless she attended the same Speed Sitter Interview Event. It’s a matter of safety for the sitters. You may not share their private profile and contact info with anyone else.

Q: Does Premier Sitter Services run background checks on the sitters or parents that attend Events or are involved in Sitter Matching in PA or NJ?
A: No, for liability reasons, we don’t interview, background or reference check sitters (or families!) prior to these events or sitter matching.  Premier Sitter Services does not employ or recommend any of the sitters; PSS is the event host and a liaison between the parent and sitters.  We ask everyone to read and sign that they understand this prior to the event.

Q: I can’t make the Event I registered for. What do I do?
A: Notify Premier Sitter Services as soon as possible, we may be able to find someone on a wait list to fill your spot.

Q: Are you looking for new locations to host future Speed Sitter Interview Events?
A:Sure, if you have a suggestion, please let us know!

Q: When will Speed Sitter Interview Events come to my area?
A:We will be expanding into new areas each season. If you’d like to see Premier Sitter Services bring Speed Sitter Interview Events to your area, please contact us to let you know!

Q: What is Sitter Matching?
A:We do Sitter Matching in PA and NJ. Parents let us know what their needs are and Premier Sitter Services provides them Profiles of five sitters that match their needs on paper: Location; Days of availability; Number of hours (FT or PT or Occasional).  See the “How This Works” tab for more info.